Blackboard to Canvas Migration Guide

When migrating from Blackboard to Canvas, you will notice that some of the terminology and structures in Canvas are different than the setup and terminology that you have seen in Blackboard. When moving content from Blackboard to Canvas, this means that your content will not transfer over exactly how it was in Blackboard, as the two Learning Management Systems are built differently. For this reason, many faculty members have found it easier to rebuild their content in Canvas.

If you do plan to import content from Blackboard directly to Canvas, here is a brief guide that goes over how your course content will transfer over. Please note: each course is limited to 1.5GB of storage. If you attempt to upload more than this amount into your Canvas course, the import will fail.

Before migrating your content over, it is recommended that you make sure that any large file items (such as videos) are removed from your course and saved elsewhere. Here is a guide that details how you can upload your videos directly to Panopto: How to Upload Videos to Panopto.

Student related data (test and assignments) and the grade center are data sets that are not brought over in the archive process. If you are concerned about this data, below are some links to assist you in downloading them: