Terms in Canvas

What are terms in Canvas?

Terms in Canvas are set up to mirror the duration of our terms here at Bryant that are set by the Registrar’s office. This setting  enables classes to be active or concluded in Canvas during the duration of the term. When a class has concluded, it is available in read-only format to the instructor of that course. After a course has been concluded, students no longer have access to the course.

Why are terms important?

Terms allow for authentic preservation of course content, meaning that courses will accurately reflect a record of all submissions and grading within them.

How long is a term’s duration?

In general, terms in Canvas will open two weeks before the start date of classes and will end two weeks after the end date of classes.

Can I access my courses after a term has ended?

Yes, you can still access your course content in read-only format. Previous courses in Canvas are referred to as past enrollments. To access your past enrollments, please follow the guide below:

How do I view all my Canvas courses as an Instructor?

How can I reuse my content from past enrollments if the content is in read-only format?

If you wish to re-use any material from your previous courses, you may copy content from your course to a new course or to a Sandbox course.

How to copy content from one course to another in Canvas

Can students access courses after a term has ended?

Students cannot access courses after a term has ended. In addition to preserving the authentic record of a course, this serves to prevent a student from sharing course materials that an instructor might reuse in a future semester.

Can I access student submissions after a term has ended?

Yes, you can access student submissions after a term has ended. You will need to adjust your Grades view in Canvas to show inactive/concluded students. Please see the guide below so that you can reference how to do this:

How to view grades for inactive or concluded student

We do strongly recommend that if you anticipate a need for access to multiple student submissions that you batch download them before the term’s end.

What do I do if I have a student with an Incomplete or a student who needs to access the course site after the term has ended?

Please email the CTE at cte@bryant.edu as soon as possible to inform us. Once we receive your request, we will be able to temporarily re-open the course for the duration of the time that the student needs access.

What should I do in anticipation of a term’s end?

If you anticipate needing access to downloads of multiple student submissions, we do suggest that you batch download before the term ends. Here are instructions:

Download all student submissions for an assignment