Blackboard to Canvas Transition Summary

Migrating your course materials to Canvas is a relatively straightforward process, but there are several critical steps that will insure a successful transition. Several of these need to be accomplished by the course owner as soon as possible, but definitely before June 30.

Become familiar with Canvas:

  • Work through the Canvas self-paced orientation course
  • Attend a Canvas training session
  • Schedule a consultation with a CTE staff member
  • Request a “Sandbox course” and explore on your own

Identify all of your Blackboard Courses:

  • Courses currently in Blackboard (will all be archived and available)
  • Courses that are not in Bb but are archived (archives available on request)

Identify materials that must be manually copied or stored on your computer:

  • Video and audio files (move to Panopto if not already there)
  • Course rosters (download and save locally)
  • Gradebooks (download and save locally)
  • Assignments created with an external resource (e.g. VT, TurnitIn)

Migrate your content to Canvas:

  • Request a “Sandbox course” if this is your first experience with Canvas and you want to explore Canvas features OR
  • Work directly in your Summer or Fall course shell if you want to prepare a student-ready course
  • Use the module structure to organize your course create individual pages
  • Recommended process: copy and paste materials from your Blackboard shell into Canvas
  • Alternatively: import a Blackboard archive or export file into Canvas, and reorganize content to fit into Canvas framework


  • Training sessions & “drop-ins” available nearly every day (LINK)
  • Schedule an individual consult with CTE staff
  • Canvas offers 24×7 support via chat, email, and phone
  • Departmental group training available
  • Talk to a Canvas-experienced colleague